Anushka Sharma came to Bollywood as an outsider and became a top star. The actor is in a position where it is easy for her to get high on her success and befooled by fake praise. But Anushka says she is her biggest critic and the fact that she can easily identify fake compliments keeps her sane. “I am highly critical of myself. I am never satisfied with my work. I am not someone who can be fooled by praise at all. In fact, I quickly sniff out people who are being fake with me. It doesn’t go unnoticed with me. ” “But I do have certain set of people around me like my team who are very honest to me and I am grateful for that. They are like family, they are very honest and not let me create a bubble for myself to live in because that can be detrimental,” Anushka said . The actor started her Bollywood journey nine years back with Shah Rukh Khan‘s ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi‘ and she now believes she was meant to be in the movies. Anushka says film industry has helped her to understand the life better and has made her stronger as an individual. “I have been here for a long time and since I am still working, I think it (film industry) was meant for me. It is teaching me a lot of things, it is helping me grow in many ways.” “It is a great place to learn about life, it toughens you (as a person) and builds up your personality in a good way. I do feel it is a great place to be in,” she said. Her life as an actor has taught her that be it success or failure, everything is temporary. “Attaching yourself to success and failure too much is not healthy and good for you. It is better to focus your energy in reinventing yourself as an actor with every film,” she adds. Anushka, who has given some unconventional performances in films like ‘NH 10’ and ‘Phillauri’, says she draws a lot of inspiration from her contemporaries. “I do feel the kind of actors who are around me, I mean my contemporaries who are doing such good work and are talented, I take lot of inspiration from the work they do and it pushes me to do better.” The Times of  India : 24th. July,17


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