At a time in Bollywood when stories of real heroes are winning hearts with their on-screen adaptations, it now appears that the first Indian woman to win a Paralympic medal – Deepa Malik, will have her story adapted for the big screen. According to a report on Mumbai Mirror, Farhan Akhtar and filmmaker Ritesh Sidhwani will produce a biopic on the Paralympic silver medalist. The report states that Ritesh’s script developing team chanced upon the story of Deepa, which had the filmmaker bowled over. After a meeting with the Olympian, Ritesh was quoted saying, “I had watched videos of her and knew that her life story was unreal, but when I met her and she let me hold her medal, the sheer weight of the silver gave me gooseflesh. At one point in her life, she had to choose between death and life in a wheelchair and she chose the latter. But as she sat in front of me, there was nothing differently-abled about her. She was empowering, a pillar of strength, and I knew that we needed to take her fight to the big screen.”
The makers have already begun documenting her life and getting everyone on record. The makers will begin looking for the lead actress soon. The film is expected to go on floors next year. Apart from her athletic career that boasts of 54 golds at the national level and 13 at international levels in swimming, javelin throw and shot put, it will also shed light on her trials of choosing to live with spinal paralysis over death. The Times of  India : 24th. July,17


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