Left high and dry after Nitish Kumar ditched the mahagathbandhan in favour of an alliance with the BJP, Rahul Gandhi said the Congress was aware of the ‘planning’ at least four months ago.  “Teen-char mahine se humein pata tha ye planning chal rahi hai,” the Congress party vice-president said today after Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi were sworn in as Bihar Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister respectively.  “Apne swaarth ke liye vyakti kuch bhi kar jata hai,” Rahul said indicating that Nitish Kumar had embraced some people for his personal politics against the mandate of the people. Netas will do anything for power. That is the problem of Indian politics, Rahul Gandhi said.  He addded that the mandate was given to Nitish-ji for the anti-communal fight but now he has joined hands with them for his personal politics. “koi neeyam, credibility nahin hai,” Rahul said.  The Congress expressed disappointment last evening over the resignation of Nitish Kumar and said it will continue to strive to resolve the differences in the ‘grand alliance’.  Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said the ‘grand alliance’ was given a mandate for five years and the Congress will strive to respect that.  “We are deeply disappointed by the news of resignation of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. We, in the Congress party, particularly Congress president and party vice president have great respect and affection for Nitish Kumar,” he said.  The Congress leader said the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ was given a five-year mandate by people of Bihar based on the policies, principles and cumulative leadership that was presented.  It was also a mandate against the BJP and Prime Minister Narender Modi, who challenged the honour of Bihar, he said.  Rediff.com : 27th. July,17



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