Actress Taapsee Pannu, who has impressed many with her strong willed and fearless woman characters in films like ‘Pink’ and ”Naam Shabana’, says the film industry has changed her a lot as a person as she can ‘kind of’ take a lot of ‘non-sense’. “I think it (film industry) has changed me quite a bit,” Tapsee said when asked how she has transformed as an individual over the years after entering the industry.  “From being extremely impulsive, short tempered or the person who used to be over planned in a way that I never used to believe in taking risks…now, I have totally changed. I used to say no before even trying anything, but now I have at least started to believe in ‘never say never’ and that anything can happen in life,” she said. “I have started being more experimental so, I have changed quite a bit, especially in terms of patience. I think this industry has taught me lot of patience as I used to be extremely short tempered.” “But now, I can kind of take a lot of non-sense,” added the actress. Taapsee, who made her acting debut with a south Indian film, has made a name in Bollywood with movies like ‘Baby’, ‘Pink’ and ‘Naam Shabana’. After becoming a part of these hard-hitting films, the actress is now set to add some glamour quotient to her filmography with David Dhawan‘s directorial ‘Judwaa 2’. She says the film, a remake of Salman Khan’s 1997 released ‘Judwaa’, is going to add a lot to her career. “People will see me in a totally different look and they are going to realise that I can probably pull off something which is as different as this (‘Judwaa 2’) compared to what I have done before.” “My Hindi audience hasn’t really seen the glamorous side of me so, probably for me, it will be exciting to see the reaction of the audience after they see me in this film,” she said. But it’s not a forced step to show the world that she can do different kinds of films. “It’s not just to show everyone that I can do different stuff, but also for myself because as an actor you can get drained out if you keep on doing same kind of stuff. I really want to switch gears and try different things, genres and roles so that I can refresh as an actor and keep exploring different sides of my personality also,” said Taapsee. The Times of  India : 24th. July,17


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