China is a superpower developed country  which is the immediate neighbour to  India.  China should keep in mind that India is a vast democratic country which is in the process of development in all respect.  India has been fighting with terrorists since long  and the terrorists are generated in  the soil of Pakistan.  China’s products are widely sold and circulated in Indian markets after globalisation.  It is the duty of the China to join hands with a vast democratic country like India and both of them  should proceed for further development.  But it is very sad that China has joined hands with a terrorists country Pakistan and trying to capture the  territory of India.  China should forget past and at present India is an atomic power country and its misiles have been targetted towards China and  its new chick Pakistan.  Our country without any fear, should put more missiles towards China with atom bombs.  As an Indian, I am very  much happy that  the cover page  of the India Today magazine has created a social storm in China.  The cover of the July 31 issue of the India Today magazine has gone viral on Chinese social media platform Wiebo, the country’s substitute for Twitter, and the Chinese are not pleased with the cover. The latest issue of the India Today magazine has the map of China, in red, in the shape of a big chicken and a smaller chick — Pakistan, in green — by its side, along with captions that read “China’s new chick” and “How China is buying out Pakistan with massive new investments and why India needs to worry”, below it.   The Chinese are fuming seeing the cover. Their main contention is that the map on the cover doesn’t show Tibet and Taiwan as its part. In retaliation, there are op-eds, sharply criticising the magazine and India as a whole, being written on Chinese newspapers, and Chinese social media users Photoshopping their answers on to India Today magazine covers.





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