Anushka Sharma is one actress who has not let industry insecurities and dynamics play with her mind. Not only has she teamed up with top-of-the-line actors, including Salman and Shah Rukh Khan but she has also ventured into production at a young age, collaborated with relatively newer filmmakers and given her best while working with A-line directors. The result is a repertoire that boasts of a wide variety of films and roles. As a rank outsider in the industry, she has virtually ticked more names on her directors’ wish-list than any other actress, considered her peer or contemporary. This brings us to talk about the huge nepotism debate in the industry. Can two different narratives, like hers and Kangana Ranaut‘s, exist at the same time? “Does nepotism exist? I guess it does. Is everyone nepotistic? I guess not, because if that were the case, Shah Rukh Khan, Imtiaz Ali and I wouldn’t be where we are,” she told BT in an interview recently. While talking about insecurities of an actor, Anushka says, “Actors are constantly pitted against each other; someone writes about it, and the studios benefit. If you fall for it, you’ll ruin it for yourself.” The Times  of  India : 30th. July,17


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