There’s something refreshingly different about Anushka Sharma. Maybe it’s the environment she has been brought up in, or maybe it’s her work-life balance that stops her from becoming an industry clone. She’s a conversationalist, an interviewer’s delight. Her answers are straight from the heart. Like any other actor, she’s insecure, but that doesn’t drive her decisions. As she wisely points out, “This industry breathes on insecurity; everyone benefits from the insecurities of an actor.” Ahead of her next release, the Imtiaz Ali-directorial ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, she talks to BT about industry dynamics, choices and nepotism in an up close and personal interview. Anushka said,” It’s wonderful working with Shah Rukh. He’s gracious. He has been warm and welcoming right from my first film and that has left a lasting impression. You understand the value of goodness that people show after you’ve spent a few years in the industry. On the set, he created an environment that helped me perform to the best of my abilities. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a couple of newcomers. Every time I’ve worked with newcomers, I’ve had this feeling that I have to be nice to them because I remembered how good SRK was to me when I started out. The experience of working with Shah Rukh gets better each time. Also, having known him as a person, I feel easier interacting with him now.” She also said,”  Chemistry depends on the script. You may have a great rapport with an actor off screen, but it might not translate on screen because it’s absent in the script. Shah Rukh and I have played characters like Harry and Sejal, who indulge in banter and share a journey together, which has made room for our chemistry to build up. Essentially, while working with an actor, I only see him as the character he’s playing. This is probably what also helped me in my very first film to hold my own without letting reverence for my co-star’s stardom get in the way.”  The Times  of  India : 30th. July,17


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