The actress Shraddha Kapoor revealed about her part-time job.  She said,”In 2005, I had enrolled for a course in liberal arts at the Boston University and like most students, who do a part-time job when studying abroad, I got myself one too, at the campus coffee shop. I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. I was assigned my duty every morning when I reported for work. Whether it was behind the counter ringing the cash register or stirring up the coffee and hot chocolate, I loved it all. The coffee shop was next door to a bagel shop which served the most delicious sandwiches and there were days when I would wonder why I hadn’t applied there instead. “  She also said,”I still remember they used to sell a range of bagels, including whole wheat and multi grain, and the aroma from that shop was distractingly tempting. One of the biggest attractions of the bagel shop job was that we were allowed to grab a free sandwich at the end of the shift. My favorite was the Chipotle Chicken Bagel. Yummy!  After working for a month-and-a half at the coffee shop I applied at the bagel shop and to my joy I landed the job. I don’t know how good I was at it though I was extremely particular about cutting the bagels perfectly with the correct toppings to complement them.  I know I used to make them with a lot of love. I love food and I remember how happy I was to see someone eating the bagel I had made with a lot of relish. It made me realise that working at a food place made me happier as a person and I learnt a lot while working there too.  I was also a part of a dance group when at the university. It was called ‘Chankaar’ and we would travel to different cities to participate in inter-collegiate festivals.   My studies, job and the dance troupe kept me busy. After working at the bagel shop for several months I had to quit because I needed more time to study. It was really sad.  After finishing a year and a summer term there, I returned to India, only to never return to Boston. I had always wanted to become an actress so when I was offered Leena Yadav‘s Teen Patti with Mr Bachchan (Amitabh Bachchan) and Ben Kingsley, I grabbed the opportunity.  As a student I had lived off the pocket money I got from home. That was how it was in Boston too, though the job at the bagel shop did help me supplement my pocket money.  But I had long wanted to earn my own money and didn’t want to ask for more from my parents (Shakti and Shivangi Kapoor). I know that they would never have said ‘no’ had I asked but I never did.  The first cheque I received was for $42. I was 18 at the time and I remember it was the most beautiful feeling in the world. I don’t remember what I spent the money on but I know I didn’t save even a dollar so I must have spent most of it on shopping. “ Shraddha says,”I haven’t had a chance to go back to the Boston University in the last 12 years because I have been busy working. I am not even sure if the coffee and bagel shops are still around. Off and on, I connect with my friends from college.  Everyone is doing their own thing. I really want to go back to the university and experience that feeling of being a carefree student once again. Maybe some day.”  The Times  of  India : 31st. July,17


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