Call him a superstar, rockstar, King Khan, Raj, Raees or Harry — it doesn’t matter. After 25 years in the industry, he wears his stardom with casual, unfettered pride, but when it comes to cinema, there is nothing casual about SRK. Ask any director who has worked with him, they will unanimously tell you that he’s the most giving actor. For him, every shot is as big as the whole picture. When we met up for this interview at his sprawling home, before the release of Jab Harry Met Sejal (JHMS), the actor looked upbeat and relaxed. “AbRam has learnt to hold his breath underwater for three seconds, we both were dunking our heads in a tub right now,” he tells me. Well, even superstars have to keep their heads above water and hold their breath, right? Shah Rukh Khan has done that for long and almost mastered it. Who says superstardom comes easy.He said,”  I think it would be foolish for people who have been working for so long to not know the limit of success each product has. It would also be silly to assume that after working for so many years, I would not know where this is headed. Of course, in this case, there could be two scenarios; one, it could be way beyond the disaster that you thought, or it could be way beyond the huge hit that you assumed. Like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ was a shocker and so was ‘Fan’, though the latter was not a shocker because we assumed it would do `200 crore, but because I thought it would be more liked than it was. While these two scenarios are beyond calculation or assumption, the third scenario is what most of us know. When I crack a joke at an award show, I know how far it will go. It is seldom that there’s complete silence, likewise, it is seldom that people guffaw and fall down laughing. As an entertainer for years, you are never delusional about your success, and if you are not, chances are rare that you will crack under pressure of wanting to be successful. I remember I did a film with a famous director-producer and as we watched the first 30 minutes during the premiere, everyone knew that something had gone wrong. I went to the bathroom and the producer was there, washing his face. It was a very awkward moment. He turned to me and said, ‘You know k ya hota hai yaar, jab sab kuch khatam ho jaata hai phir bhi jisne film banayi hai na usko 10% hope hoti hai. Ab wohi reh gayi hai, toh main woh dhone aaya hoon .’ We smiled and left. Of course, I believe that a long-running actor knows somewhere that he will get it right sometime or the other.”  The Times  of  India : 1st. August,17


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