A Government Committee report has found pilots of a Jet Airways flight guilty of risking lives of passengers. In April this year, Jet Airways and Vistara flights were involved in a near miss at Delhi airport. The Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau report, a copy of which is with ANI, says, “The incident was reported on April 21, when Jet Airways flight 9W 597 sought to land at Delhi IGI Airport. As a result of the landing being aborted, the distance between it and Vistara flight UK 811, which had been authorised for takeoff, fell to less than 400 feet, triggering a warning in both cockpits to maintain a safe distance. “There were 148 passengers aboard the Vistara Airbus A320 plane bound for Bengaluru, while the Jet Airways Boeing 737 was arriving from Muscat with 174 passengers.  “The report said also that Jet Airways Pilots ignored concerns raised by the ATC over the high speed. The ATC asked them thrice whether they would be able to land at that speed. The pilot of the aircraft replied in the affirmative thrice but opted for a go-around after the co-pilot warned the pilot that they would not be able to land because the flaps couldn’t be opened. The AAIB has suggested corrective training for the pilots of Jet Airways flight flight 9W 597 and air traffic controllers.  Rediff.com : 4th. Aug,17


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