The Bharatiya Janata Party  termed Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s visit to flood-hit Gujarat as an example of his ‘photo opportunity’ politics and played down protests targeting him, saying the opposition party should ‘respect’ people’s emotions. After the Congress alleged that ‘BJP goons’ were behind the stone attack on Gandhi’s car, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said the opposition party should not ‘abuse’ people who are ‘angry’ over the floods and ‘tired’ of Rahul Gandhi’s politics. “For God’s sake, don’t call people goons. Don’t call public of this country as rowdy elements, people who are suffering from floods, people who are tired of this kind of politics that Rahul Gandhi and his party are doing. Let’s respect people’s emotions,” he told reporters. While BJP MLAs in Gujarat are doing their best to help people, Congress MLAs are enjoying themselves in a resort in Bengaluru, he said.People are looking for their representatives but the Congress lawmakers are having fun in Karnataka, he said. The Congress has transported its Gujarat MLAs to the southern state ruled by it in a bid to keep its flock together ahead of crucial Rajya Sabha polls in the state.  Hitting out at Gandhi, Patra said everybody knows that he practises politics of opportunism and believes in ‘fly by politics’. : 4th. Aug,17


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