Taapsee Pannu said people always overlook the effort it takes for an actor to appear convincing while dancing on a beach, fully decked-up. The actor said commercial films may not be as emotionally draining as intense dramas, but they do demand a certain kind of physical effort from actors. In an interview with , Taapsee said,”Having done both commercial and hard-hitting cinema, I can say none of them are easy. In commercial films, you do get the privilege to not get into that intense zone. But looking like a million bucks on screen is not effortless.” “No matter how beautiful actors are, it is not easy to look drop dead gorgeous in every shot in a commercial film. To carry yourself as if you are the diva, it is not an easy job.” The actor said “dancing on the beach in heels or around the trees, no matter how much fun we make of it, it is not a simple thing to do.” Taapsee, 30, who made a mark with her hard-hitting performances in ‘Pink’ and ‘Naam Shabana’, will next be seen in romantic comedy ‘Judwaa 2’. The actor said she decided to do the typical Bollywood masala entertainer as she does not want people to box her in a particular category. “I decided to do ‘Judwaa 2’ because I didn’t want to put that genre tag on me and close my chapter. It is a constant change of gear. I want people to be more curious about what I am going to do next.” “I don’t want my audience to rest and relax thinking she can only do a certain kind of cinema. I want to keep them on the edge.” Taapsee said commercial space is not something new to her. “I started my career with typical commercial glamorous film. I have build a certain audience for me because of ‘Pink’ and ‘Naam Shabana’ and they expect me to do certain kind of films.” The Times of  India : 5th. Aug,17


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