She graduated from JMC in 2001 and didn’t visit the college till earlier this week. Neha Dhupia, a Delhi girl and a history graduate from Jesus & Mary College, returned to her alma mater after almost 16 years. Taking us around the campus, Neha showed us all her hangout spots and shared that she was always in the backbenchers’ club. In a candid conversation with the students, the actress revealed that she chose JMC over any other college in the North Campus was because she wanted to be close to her home in Dhaula Kuan and not miss out on sleep in order to commute everyday. First visit to the principal’s office Neha started reminiscing her good ol’ college days right from the moment she entered the building. “Oh, wait! I know this place. The staff room used to be here, is it still here?,” she asked one of the juniors who was escorting her to the principal’s office. As soon as she reached the principal’s office, she took out her phone to make a video and said, “This is not happening without a video.” She added, “You know, when I was in college, I was scared to visit this office. I must have done something right, probably that’s why I am walking straight into her cabin.” The Times  of  India : 3th. Aug,17


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