Kiara Advani has bagged her fourth Hindi film with none other than filmmaker, Karan Johar. The project which will feature Kiara is called ‘Ice Cream’ and is part of the anthology of films being directed by four directors including Karan. Talking about her experience of being part of the film, the actress says, “When Karan Johar called me, I didn’t expect him to offer me a film, leave alone him telling me that he is directing it as well. I cannot describe what I felt in that moment. In my mind, I had to outdo myself. He is a dream to work with. The theme of the film is love and lust. It focuses on a relevant topic but is done in a comical way. It will be a little unexpected coming from him, but the aesthetics still have the touch of a Karan Johar film.”  Earlier, the actress has teamed up with filmmakers like Neeraj Pandey and Abbas-Mastan. She adds that it’s her talent that has helped her bag films with them. “I am lucky that I have got the opportunity to work with three amazing filmmakers so far. Each one of them come from their own school of filmmaking. Also, they are the best in those genres. I used to go to the set and absorb and learn all that I could from them. I am fortunate that all this has happened right at the beginning of my career. I used to think, I will need a blockbuster before these directors cast me in their films. If you are talented then you are noticed irrespective of your surname or success,” admits Kiara.  Talking about working with her co-star Vicky Kaushal in the film, Kiara says, “I think Vicky and I were meant to work together. There was another film we were supposed to do which didn’t materialise. There is a lot you can feed off each other and I think you are as good as your co-actor.”  Ask her if she feels insecure about new actors entering the industry every year and she is quick to reply, “Of course new people are entering the industry every year. But, there are no dearth of opportunities here. After my first film, I had to learn to be patient. Though many people said, out of sight, out of mind — I waited for more than a year and then signed ‘M S Dhoni: The Untold Biopic’. I have got the opportunity to work with some of the best directors in the country. I constantly work towards honing my skills, that will help me in future. Competition is good, else we might become complacent.”  The Times  of  India : 8th. Jan,18


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