In yet another shocking case of religious discrimination, an elderly Muslim man was denied a seat in Delhi metro by a group of youth, who hurled slurs and abuses at him over his appearance.  The incident took place in the violet line of Delhi Metro where the young men turned down the request of a senior citizen of vacating a seat and told him to go to Pakistan if he wishes to get a seat in the coach.  The incident came into view after women’s right activist Kavita Krishnan unfolded this shameful incident in her Facebook post.  According to the post, the National Secretary of AICCTU, Santosh Roy, intervened and came forward in support of the old man.  When Roy asked the young men to apologise to the man, they refused and also held Roy by his collar and allegedly told him to “Go to Pakistan”.  Finally, when a guard entered the compartment at the Khan Market station. A complaint was filed at the Pandara Road police station where they were taken.  A few days later, when Roy visited the police station he came to know that the elderly man had decided not to pursue the complaint.  “The elderly gentleman had given a written statement that he accepted the apology from the two young men and that he had forgiven them keeping in mind their young age,” Krishnan added. The : 25th. Apr,17


The Canteen Stores Department, the retailing entity selling consumer goods to the armed forces, has suspended the sale of a batch of Patanjali Ayurvedas amla juice after it failed to clear a laboratory test.  The Haridwar-based ayurveda firm, promoted by yoga guru Ramdev, however, blamed an Uttarakhand government department for the fiasco.  Defence ministry sources said a show cause notice has been served on the company after the juice failed the test carried out at West Bengal Public Health Laboratory in Kolkata.  The sources said that as per procedure, the CSD has immediately suspended the sale of the particular batch and sent a show cause notice to the company to examine the deviations and explain them. They said further action will be taken on receipt of reply from the firm.  The : 25th. Apr,17



Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala, who made her debut with Subhash Ghai’s ‘Saudagar’ informed media that she will be celebrating 5 years of her cancer-free life soon.   “I will soon complete 5 years of cancer-free life, which I will be celebrating,” said Manisha at an event on Tuesday where she was spreading awareness about Yoga and how to fight diseases with Yoga.  Manisha was reportedly diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012 and was operated immediately. After that the actress flew to New York for chemotherapy.   “God has been kind to me. I had great doctors, teachers and family support, so a combination of everything worked well,” the “Ilu Ilu” girl added.   The actress, who was last seen in ‘Chehere : A Modern Day Classic’ is all excited about her role in the Sanjay Dutt biopic and hopes she does justice to the character.  The Times of India  : 26th. Apr,17


Director Amole Gupte has been busy researching for his film based on the life of badminton champion Saina Nehwal. Now, BT has got news that the actress who will play Saina has been confirmed. It’s Shraddha Kapoor, who will essay the badminton ace in the biopic, produced by Bhushan Kumar, that will release in 2018. We contacted Shraddha, who confirmed the news. “Most girls have played badminton at some point in their lives in school. I feel so lucky to be playing Saina, who’s not just been the world’s No. 1 badminton player, but is also a youth icon. I can’t wait to start prepping for my role,” she said.  Reacting to the news, Saina, who’s in China for the Badminton Asia Championship, said, “Whoa! That’s news to me. I was aware of the film, yes, but I didn’t know about the casting. It’s great if Shraddha plays me because she is a very talented actress and very hardworking. I am sure she will do justice to the role. The best part is, she is a good friend as well. So it will be easier to teach her some badminton skills (laughs!). A lot of people did tell me that we do look similar and I think that’s a huge compliment, because Shraddha is very good looking.”   The Times of India  : 26th. Apr,17



A complete foodie, actress Swara Bhaskar loved Lucknow’s famous basket chaat (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui)  Actress Swara Bhaskar, who was in Lucknow for a couple of weeks, feasted on chaat, which she absolutely loves. “I am a big foodie. I just love food, and chaat toh meri weakness hai. I think Lucknow ki chaat is the best! When I was shooting here, maine Lucknow ki chaat bahut khayi hai,” said the actress, who played Bindiya in ‘Tanu Weds Manu’. Swara, who is also dating writer and Lucknowite Himanshu Sharma, said, “When I was coming here, I had told Himanshu ki main Lucknow mein chaat zaroor khaungi. Aur ab wapas ja ke woh mera poora interrogation karega ki kya khaya, kahan chaat khayi, dukaan ka naam kya tha, yahan nahin, wahan ki chaat khani chahiye thi, etc. And you know, he is also a big khau. He loves to eat too!”   Talking about Lucknow, where she has spent a considerable amount of time shooting for ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and ‘Tanu Weds Manu: Returns’, Swara says, “Lucknow bahut hi kamaal ka sheher hai. Maine yahan shoot kiya hai ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ ke liye. Main yahan waise bhi kayi baar aa chuki hoon. Once, I even got lost in the ‘Bhool Bhullaiya’. This was when I was very small. Mere saare cousins, ghar waale sab sahi raaste pe nikal gaye and I was the only idiot who lost her way and was screaming ‘Mummy, Mummy.’ Yeh meri pehli memory hai Lucknow ki. And yes, I had chowmein for the first time in Lucknow. Also, Lucknow ke saath mere actually qareebi rishte hain. Meri nani ke brother yahan posted thay state engineering department mein, so hum unse bhi milne aate thay. Other than this, I think Lucknow has influenced all Hindi speaking states. It has made a huge impact on Hindi cinema. Agar Lucknow na hota ya yahan ki sanskriti na hoti, toh Hindi cinema nahin hota shayad.” She adds, “This is a very special city and I love coming here. Every time I am here, mera weight badh jaata hai yahan ka behtareen khana kha ke!”   Ask Swara how it is to date a writer, and she says, “Himanshu has helped us a lot in this latest film of mine. I think the best thing about dating a writer is that you get to hear a lot of stories. The conversation is always exciting and one never gets bored. I think Himanshu – and this opinion I have had even before we started dating – is one of the best writers the film industry has. He is so talented. And I think he is the best dialogue writer for sure. He shows me what he is writing and takes my opinion on it.”   The Times of India  : 26th. Apr,17


Shweta Rohira is known for her paintings, ingenious writing and working as a community worker with ‘Selfie With Police’ and her association with beauty and health makes her totally exceptional in her own intelligence of fine art. She has really come a long way and achieved it effectively in her grand inventive profession. Little known is that she is in love with pets as well.   Life is incomplete with pets, and Shweta Rohira has taken the adage to heart. The pretty young artist is blessed with two dogs, huge fish tank, nine white mice and two hamsters and she still has room for more! Talking about her love for pets, Shweta says, I never had pets in childhood though I was very keen to have them. So I’m making up now,” she says counting them off, “My dogs, Dollar and Bhagheera, are my two lovely kids while I have a huge fish tank which has lots of colourful fishes. Then, my white mice couple Ratatouille and Stuart and there with their seven children. I am also blessed with my hamsters, Ki and Ka. And that’s not all! I would love to have more pets,” she shares excitedly.  Shweta says that pets own a special place in her heart and keep her upbeat. She shares, “Once, when I was hospitalised, Dollar had given up eating. Back from the hospital, I was on bed rest for few days. That time, Dollar did not leave my bedside and it would be very tough to send him for his daily walks. Even when I would be asleep, he would be just staring at me and there used to be so much sadness in his eyes as if he too was experiencing my pain. He was my constant companion. He made me feel so special, I can’t even express it.”   Expectedly, with so many pets, there’s never a dull moment in the Rohira household. She says, “As soon as I enter my house, Bhagheera gets a sudden sugar rush and he starts running in the whole house. He runs so fast that many a time he slips!” Another special antic Shweta shares is that Dollar has a very special habit for eating. “Before eating his food, he wants me to eat first and then only he eats. Also, he does not eat in his bowl though he drinks water in any bowl. He needs a plate identical to what I use. If I change my crockery, one plate and a bowl is kept separated for him,” she laughs.   The Times of India  : 26th. Apr,17


Actress Jacqueline Fernandez, who is gearing up to play a street racer in her next film, says she was always fascinated with the world of fast cars and racing.   Titled ‘Drive’, the movie which also stars Sushant Singh Rajput will be produced by Karan Johar.   The actress says she is a Formula One junkie and as a teenager she used to follow one of the largest sporting events of Middle East – the Bahrain Grand Prix.   “While growing up in Bahrain, I and my friend have done so many car race rallies and we have also won a lot of times. We never missed Formula One races. I love Formula One. It is exciting to be part of ‘Drive’ as I love this world.  “The film is about fast cars and people behind it and their stories. Tarun Mansukhani is back in action and it has Sushant. It is a fantastic team,” Jacqueline said .   The actress, however, says the movie has a lot more to offer than just racing cars.  “This is not going to be that crazy like ‘Formula One’. It’s going to look very different and the story is very thrilling and it’s a film that will keep you glued to your seats. I can’t talk too much about it.”   The film is touted to be the first in a new action franchise backed by Dharma Productions.   The Times of India  : 26th. Apr,17